Siblings and Childlessness

Is there a relationship between the number of siblings you have and your chances of being childless? Does it matter whether you are the oldest, middle, or youngest child--that is, does your sibship position matter?

According to researchers at the University of Stirling and University College Dublin, there is no significant relationship between sibship position and parent status (including adoptive parents). This finding comes from a large study of Europeans ages 55-75.

However, the researchers caution that sibship is a complex issue; more research needs to be done. And this study was unable to distinguish between voluntary and involuntary childlessness, which is also a complicated issue.

This is just one piece of this study on lifetime childlessness, depressive mood and quality of life. More on these topics in a later post.

Sarah Gibney, Liam Delaney, Mary Codd, Tony Fahey, "Lifetime Childlessness, Depressive Mood and Quality of Life Among Older Europeans." Social Indicators Research (November 21, 2015): 1-19. DOI 10.1007/s11205-015-1177-1

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